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Bride And Groom

Thank you first of for considering The Baking Blonde Co on your special day!

Does Wedding Cake Planning Overwhelm You? Here are 4 tips!

#1. Pinterest! She will be your best friend! Take a look at all the styles out there. Save pictures that you absolutely love! If you like something from one cake, but a different design on another cake. Let’s combine them! The possibility’s are endless! 2023 we are going to see lots of vintage design cakes, Pearl texture, citrus inspired designs, big floral arrangements on cakes! @pinterest I also love to get inspiration from Instagram hashtag.
For example #bohoweddingcake #modernweddingcakes #textureweddingcakes

#2. Size, You don’t have to have the biggest wedding cake! Single tier cakes are so trendy right now! Cutting down on cake sizes can save you $. Most brides do a dessert bar as an add on with a small cake. This is a great time to include cupcakes, mini cupcakes or even cakesicles! That way everyone can choose there likings! Or we go big or go home just keep in mind the summer heat with bigger cakes!

#3. Flavor! This day is about you and your lover. Choose the flavors you two love! This should be the easy part! Cake tiers don’t have to correlate since they are all cut separately! Have fun with your flavors! And choose what YOU two like!

#4. Cake decor! This is usually the last thing brides plan! Yet this draws everyone’s eyes and ends in amazing pictures. Here are some tips!Add a fun backdrop, a neon sign behind the cake, big fresh florals, a custom cake topper. Backdrops with acrylic lettering, Unique cake stands, Balloons! Don’t leave the pretty cake alone in the corner!

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